Review:Line6 Pocket Pod

December 23rd, 2008 by Andres Gallo



This device was designed with portability in mind and that shows. I personally find it too thick to be “pocket friendly,” but it is very small for all it does. The design is very space economical and smart through out. You know how on a keyboard holding the shift key changes the function of other keys. The same principle is used here, allowing lots of manipulation to the sound out of only four knobs, two buttons, and a 4 way pad button. The knobs control the gain, effect, delay, and volume for the preset, or they can be used to equalize the bass, midrange, top end, and reverb. In addition, it has what makes a pod what it is; this is some really good cabinet simulations, amp simulations, and a load of effects. Also available in the Pod is a tuner and a tap tempo button and LED for the delay. There is also the possibility to choose the output type, so that you can get the best sound using your headphones, cabinet, PA, or whatever it is that you’ll use as output.
Being a pocket-able device it can run on batteries, (I recommend rechargeable batteries as they only last a few hours) and will give all sorts of tones everywhere. The one thing I wish they had included is the possibility to install the Pod footswitch, but I guess they left it out as it is supposed to be pocket-able, and that would defeat the purpose.


This little thing can deliver some great sound when used with really good headphones. The “digitalness” is always there, but still, for the size and the price you get an endless amount of tones. Also make sure to use it with warm sounding headphones, cause the sound here is somewhat harsh with some settings. The high gain settings sound amazing for portable use, while the clean sounds are good but a little dry and cold sounding. I use the built in effects to liven up the clean sound.


It is made of plastic, however everything feels very solid, and it has held up for over a year of abuse, and still feels solid. The construction I have no doubt is top notch.

Customer Support

Line6 has great customer support. They were very fast at replying to my questions.

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