Review:Ovation 1778 LX Elite

January 13th, 2009 by Andres Gallo

Ovation 1778 LX Elite


Ovation guitars are well known for their bowl shaped back, and their non-standard multiple sound-holes; both characteristics most of their acoustics all have in common. The 1778LX Elite is not too different from the others at first sight. It has a deep bowl back and the usual ovation sound-holes. The difference is mostly noticed at the first strum; however, I will discuss that in the sound section.
All in all the physical design is very similar from that seen in most ovations, but with a few, but substantial upgrades here and there. I am not saying that for the hefty price tag you get the same “physique” of the lower end models. You get a flawless paintjob, and a construction that screams attention to detail, but much more important you get one of the nicest necks I have ever seen and played in any acoustic. The neck itself looks absolutely stunning with a gorgeous ebony fretobard, and cool inlays. The soundholes also add to the look with their unique look, and artwork that surrounds them.
Outside of appearances the guitar features a built in tuner which I gotta say comes very handy, and the OP-Pro Pre Amp which was designed in collaboration with Al DiMeola and Melissa Etheridge. The preamp features various additional features that allow deep control of the tone of the guitar.
The overall design shows a lot of care was taken in the making of the instrument. The 1778 LX Elite has lots of features, and looks absolutely gorgeous. My only complaint as with most ovation guitars is the bowl shaped back, which can be slightly uncomfortable when playing standing up.


Crystal clear shimmering tones is what best describes the sound of this guitar. The tones are very sensitive to the pick attack and all sorts of playing dynamics, giving the player a huge dynamic range. I think it may have something to do with the deep bowl back and the soundholes. The sound seems to have a better acoustic projection, which renders so much detail in every single one of its notes; it’s a very special sound. All the notes react beautifully to picking dynamics, and with the OP-Pro Preamp it sounds absolutely beautiful when played amplified. Keep in mind that the sound is very different from other acoustics in this price range, or other acoustics in this range. It’s not as warm, but has a clarity that is impressive and unique. There is not a single complaint I can make of this guitar, other than the ergonomics of that bowl back.


Out of all the instruments I have, this is without a doubt the one that feels most solid. The back of the guitar is after all made of the same material they make helicopters with. They have designed an instrument with the ability to defend the user from anything, especially from boredom. With sound like this, I think guitarist will have lots of fun. Durability is definitely not an issue.

Customer Support

They have very good customer support. I had some questions on the guitar’s preamp which they helped me with promptly.

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