Review: Morley Little Alligator

August 14th, 2009 by Andres Gallo

Little Alligator


The little alligator is a great volume pedal that does what it was intended for perfectly. The design is quite simple, and feels well constructed with its tough materials, and their smooth implementation. The construction is so good actually, that the motion is about as smooth as it gets. It sure feels a lot better than my 535Q wah pedal. Very neat also, is the “minimum volume” knob which controls the minimum volume available to the pedal. This means you can control the threshold which maycome in quite handy for the creative players. For example I use it on the loop for dynamics in my music, similar to having two channels, with 1 being louder than the other one. Functionality wise its perfect. Like always in my reviews, however, I like to show the negative side of the items I review as well. For this volume pedal, such is its physical size. It takes much more space than dunlop’s wah pedals, yetI don’t see why it should. Put simply, this pedal is unnecessarily big, though not huge by any means.


Though simply a volume pedal, you tone stays intact when used after the preamp stage. It works like the volume knob in your guitar if not used in the FX loop, and thus your gain will be affected when you lower the volume. It may be used to turn a 1 channel amp into a two channel amp by decreasing the gain. It’s a very transparent sound pedal after all. For most folks, it is sure to become an important tool in their bag of tricks.


Durable and smooth construction are good signs. It is definatelly built to last.

Customer Support

Haven’t had the need to call them up. Its functionality is very easy, and it seems very reliable.

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