Lapstick…the ultimate portable guitar?

January 30th, 2010 by Andres Gallo

Lapstick Portable guitar

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A lot, if not most of times, I wish I had my instrument with me. I am sure the vast majority of guitar players, and musicians feel the same. Knowing, my laziness, when it comes to carrying extra equipment, I know I have to do something. Today I decided to look at my options, and found the lapstick. The lapstick seems to like it could be the answer, to all the guitar players who like me, wish they could play and practice everywhere they go. I know there are many guitarists like me, when it comes to the drive to play as much as possible. With that said, although I still don’t know enough about the lapstick, beyond the specs displayed on their website, it seems like it could be an interesting investment. It is an extremely small, instrument, with a built in portable amp to boot. I’m sure many of you, like I, will be glad to know of its existence.

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8 Responses to “Lapstick…the ultimate portable guitar?”

  1. Shell Says:

    Where can I find a fratboard for lapstick guitar like what you have in the picture?

  2. Andrew sheppard Says:

    hey so what is this laptstick?? because i would like to practice wherever i go so i can improve my skills :) and i would like a unique guitar anyway something not much others have im the type of guy who likes top have a unique guitar that not much people would use and what is the good and bad points for this lapstick?? :D

  3. Andres Gallo Says:

    I haven’t seem what the company is doing nowadays. I’ll take a look

  4. Kelley Hadler Says:

    Ok, i recently bought a guitar, but i am having some problems with my amp. The amp i have is a fender mustang i with dials for gain, bass, mid, treble, volume, and reverb. I was wondering what to set the dials for the best rock or hard rock sound.

  5. Jim Says:

    I’ve had mine about a year. I take it everywhere I go, and love it.

  6. Andres Gallo Says:

    For a rock sound you want a lot of mids, a good amount of bass but not so much it sounds muddy. On the treble it could be just about anywhere depending on the sound you are going for. There are many variables. What I suggest with most amps is to start with all the equalizer knobs at 12 O’clock. The channel volume all the way up, and the master volume to be the one to control the volume. Here on you can start playing with the eq

  7. Andres Gallo Says:

    They are pretty awesome guitars

  8. Steve in AZ Says:

    How do you change the battery on the lapstick?

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