Welcome guitarist of today and the future

November 21st, 2008 by Andres Gallo

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My father is a musician, and a great teacher of the acoustic guitar and it’s common folkloric genres. My grandfather was a musician as well. With that said, music is most definitely in my blood; it is the quest which I give most of my time to. Time is valuable and to me all this time has been well spent.

I have made this site to share my experiences and to provide other fellow guitarist with lessons and ideas that helped me out throughout time. I am always learning something new, and with that said I would appreciate any teachings from you readers that will help out as a musician as well.

I have played in various bands throughout the years. Almost each and every one of these bands, has been completely different from the one before which has allowed me to learn many techniques that belong to different genres. I have noticed every genre seems to have some rules, and well, I like to break them. I encourage you all to learn from every genre possible, whether you like the genre or not, furthermore, I encourage you to break the rules, and to experiment with what others are so afraid to. Take this as the first lesson in this site.

It is very important to break the rules, yet still, spend some time on the proven ways of improving. If you think something is impossible, go ahead and try it. If you think you will never be as good as your idol, you should know that in history the better players, have become as good as they are cause they learnt from their idols, until one day they surpassed them. With this in mind always stay confident about your potential, and abilities. Without confidence your entire playing will sound sloppy, blurry, and downright bad. Lack of confidence will make you nervous, which leads to lack of control, which causes shaking, leading to sloppy playing. In other words lets call this lesson “believe in your musician self.”