Review:G7th capo

December 23rd, 2008 by Andres Gallo

G7th Capo


There is a reason why this is marketed as the best capo in the world. This capo is indeed the best capo in the world, and if it isn’t it’s has to be there with the best. I remember the day I bought it I was somewhat hesitant to buy it, for it has a price tag thats twice of other options. Fortunately the salesman convinced me to buy it.
There are all sorts of different capos. On some you clip the capo onto the guitar, and on others you tighten the capo with a screw/cam. This capo however is very different in design. I always found the other capos very annoying to use, and here is something that fixes every problem in all the other designs. The string clamp capos, and most other quick on/off capos would sometimes drive the strings out of tune when on, applying too much pressure against the fretboard. The cam lever capo, allows the player to set the necessary amount of pressure against then neck, which is great, however setting up and removing the capo is annoying as it takes longer.
You may all be wondering how the g7th is different. Well, it is really easy to setup on the neck of the guitar. You just place it on the neck and push the capo closed on the neck. And you can close it with as much or as little force as you want which means that it will always have the right amount of pressure on every guitar. To top it all up, the capo is also much smaller than the other designs. In other words, the design is “pure genius.”


I have had mines for a while, and it looks very durable. The metallic material looks and feels very sturdy. The mechanical system used to hold the pressure for the capo moves so smooth, that the construction seems top notch.

Customer Support

I have no experience dealing with their customer support. This product is so well done and intuitive, I don’t see anyone needing any customer support anyways.