New sonic bliss: Paulina Logan

March 21st, 2009 by Andres Gallo

Paulina Logan

Photo by Lori Laube

With influences like Jewel, and Norah Jones; Paulina Logan, a new California based artist, writes and performs music that packs lots of emotion. When I say a lot of emotion, I mean, I got goosebumps upon first hearing her voice on the track “lovely.” Complemented with some beautiful guitar harmonies, the lyrics are deep, and her voice perfectly expresses the emotion of her songs to the point where they can almost be felt. The lyrical message, and it’s music as a whole, supports the same message, creating a story, or a sort of sonic map. Other great examples of this, are the songs “Write you a song,” which creates and expresses a melancholic atmosphere, “Road Trip,” with its story like shifting ranges in tone, or “Sorry,” with it’s more uplifting tonality. Overall, a great aspect that creates a great deal of expression.
Another aspect I found intriguing upon listening to many of her tracks, is the sonic immersion the listeners will experience listening to the instrumental arrangements. Listening to the track “Disturbing behavior,” of her Wallflower album, I felt an euphoric feel of immersion into those great sounds; perhaps due the openness of the sounds. This is further helped with the quality of production, where all the little details show up clearly, decorating the sound for a very pleasant listening experience. Although different from pink floyd, and such, it reminds me of that feeling I get listening to their music. There are many small details, that help create some sort of sonic atmosphere.
Also worth noting, Paulina Logan’s albums show great variety in her songs, displaying great songwriting across various aspects of the genre. As previously mentioned, the songs range from slow and soothing, to pure rockin’. “Shut the door,” one of her more “overdriven” tracks, has a very punchy rocking sound, which many will probably associate with the 80s. It includes some really catchy galloping riffery, once again led by her smooth, unique voice. Paulina Logan is definitely one of the most intriguing songwriters I have heard as of late.
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