Simple Freud, my biggest project ever.

August 21st, 2009 by Andres Gallo

Simple Freud is my latest and biggest project ever. This band was started about a year ago, and from the very beginning it has been absolute bliss. I thought I would share this with my readers, for much of my happiness is my band.

There is nothing like playing music with other musicians with whom there is immense musical chemistry. One minute, one of us plays a note, and the next, we are all improvising and making some surreal landscapes through the use of sound. This chemistry is the reason why I am so proud of this project, and why I want to share it with my readers. With that in mind I invite you all to check out our music at or on our myspace at

Hope you all like our music!

You can download the songs from our first Demo titled “Mirame,” for free at for free

Here is our bio for those of you who want to know more:

In an attempt to bring something new to rock, a group of individuals got together at their laboratory called, “studio” to create the formula they would call Simple Freud. Simple Freud was created with a strategic combination of energy, atmosphere and seratonin, creating a positive state of euphoria in its audience, taking them to an escape from daily life with its sonic landscapes. In all of its majesty, the formula is the result of our influence from other formulas which have been able to take us to a sonic landscape. Simple Freud is the perfect medicine for those who enjoy the sonic qualities of Incubus, Caifanes, Coldplay, Muse, Radiohead and A Perfect Circle. We hope you will enjoy Simple Freud, for we want to become part of your world. A world in which together we can create a healthy euphoric sonic bliss.

Once again visit us at or

Enjoy!!! :D

New sonic bliss: Paulina Logan

March 21st, 2009 by Andres Gallo

Paulina Logan

Photo by Lori Laube

With influences like Jewel, and Norah Jones; Paulina Logan, a new California based artist, writes and performs music that packs lots of emotion. When I say a lot of emotion, I mean, I got goosebumps upon first hearing her voice on the track “lovely.” Complemented with some beautiful guitar harmonies, the lyrics are deep, and her voice perfectly expresses the emotion of her songs to the point where they can almost be felt. The lyrical message, and it’s music as a whole, supports the same message, creating a story, or a sort of sonic map. Other great examples of this, are the songs “Write you a song,” which creates and expresses a melancholic atmosphere, “Road Trip,” with its story like shifting ranges in tone, or “Sorry,” with it’s more uplifting tonality. Overall, a great aspect that creates a great deal of expression.
Another aspect I found intriguing upon listening to many of her tracks, is the sonic immersion the listeners will experience listening to the instrumental arrangements. Listening to the track “Disturbing behavior,” of her Wallflower album, I felt an euphoric feel of immersion into those great sounds; perhaps due the openness of the sounds. This is further helped with the quality of production, where all the little details show up clearly, decorating the sound for a very pleasant listening experience. Although different from pink floyd, and such, it reminds me of that feeling I get listening to their music. There are many small details, that help create some sort of sonic atmosphere.
Also worth noting, Paulina Logan’s albums show great variety in her songs, displaying great songwriting across various aspects of the genre. As previously mentioned, the songs range from slow and soothing, to pure rockin’. “Shut the door,” one of her more “overdriven” tracks, has a very punchy rocking sound, which many will probably associate with the 80s. It includes some really catchy galloping riffery, once again led by her smooth, unique voice. Paulina Logan is definitely one of the most intriguing songwriters I have heard as of late.
Be sure to check her out at
or at

Music Review: Symbalousa

February 16th, 2009 by Frandy Veras


Symbalousa, is the third album by Dominican Republic’s rock band Synesthesia. It is a conceptual album characterized by its use of melodic arrangements, which create melancholic-sonic landscapes through the use of guitars, keyboards, in combination with the genuine voice of singer Adalberto Arias.

The songs in their album are lengthy and fuse lots of different styles, making the album one which needs various listens, for the listener to be able to grasp and appreciate all the small sonic, lyrical nuances and details that make up the entire album a single work. In this album each of it’s songs speaks about different aspects of the life of the main character in it’s story. Profoundly interesting and unique, is the bands ability to transport the listener into living the experiences of the story’s character through the use of midi sounds and musical arrangements.

The experience that follows listening to their album symbalousa is reminiscent of that one feels after watching a good thriller, or drama drama, or even reading a good novel. Synesthesia manages to capture the listener all while submerging him/her in a labyrinth of emotions, vivifying each element of the album. Without a doubt the best work of art they have done up to this point.

Be sure to check them out at

Powerful band: The Detox Darlings

February 2nd, 2009 by Andres Gallo

The Detox Darlings

Photo by Peter Fair

Just as promised here is’s first article introducing a band that I feel more people should know about. For the first article of this type here at, I thought it would be a wise choice to write about a band that is in all it’s essence electric, energetic, powerful and catchy. The band, that caught my “ears” was the Detox Darlings.

The NYC band Detox Darlings, plays music similar to The Ramones with an added touch of glam rock in the mix. The detox darlings pack a sound of their own, while at the same staying true to their roots and influences. This sound as mentioned, is gorgeously packed with power, and energy; and better yet, has some insanely catchy vocals. As much as I love instrumental music, I know most people like to hear vocals, and lyrics, especially when these sound great. Here, you will be singing along the band as well as jumping around, (at least in your head) as it is indeed catchy like that.

For those listeners that like the softer side of classic rock and glam, their song “counting the nights,” has a more relaxed “poppy” sound, ala Blondie, which should satisfy such listening moods, while the other songs complement it through power packed electric riffery, for the rocker’s desires. “Twisted tales,” for example displays a really cool fuzz effect, solo, and vocal melody that never stops to lose it’s energy. Every element you missed from many classic bands is here and better yet, The Detox Darlings still has a sound of its own that I think everyone should take a listen to.

So there it is… The Detox Darlings. As they say, “Prescription Strength Glam Punk Rock’n Roll With Passion and Soul!.” I couldn’t agree more- just take a listen to “Get Tattoos”

Be sure to check them out at