Music Review: Symbalousa

February 16th, 2009 by Frandy Veras


Symbalousa, is the third album by Dominican Republic’s rock band Synesthesia. It is a conceptual album characterized by its use of melodic arrangements, which create melancholic-sonic landscapes through the use of guitars, keyboards, in combination with the genuine voice of singer Adalberto Arias.

The songs in their album are lengthy and fuse lots of different styles, making the album one which needs various listens, for the listener to be able to grasp and appreciate all the small sonic, lyrical nuances and details that make up the entire album a single work. In this album each of it’s songs speaks about different aspects of the life of the main character in it’s story. Profoundly interesting and unique, is the bands ability to transport the listener into living the experiences of the story’s character through the use of midi sounds and musical arrangements.

The experience that follows listening to their album symbalousa is reminiscent of that one feels after watching a good thriller, or drama drama, or even reading a good novel. Synesthesia manages to capture the listener all while submerging him/her in a labyrinth of emotions, vivifying each element of the album. Without a doubt the best work of art they have done up to this point.

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Powerful band: The Detox Darlings

February 2nd, 2009 by Andres Gallo

The Detox Darlings

Photo by Peter Fair

Just as promised here is’s first article introducing a band that I feel more people should know about. For the first article of this type here at, I thought it would be a wise choice to write about a band that is in all it’s essence electric, energetic, powerful and catchy. The band, that caught my “ears” was the Detox Darlings.

The NYC band Detox Darlings, plays music similar to The Ramones with an added touch of glam rock in the mix. The detox darlings pack a sound of their own, while at the same staying true to their roots and influences. This sound as mentioned, is gorgeously packed with power, and energy; and better yet, has some insanely catchy vocals. As much as I love instrumental music, I know most people like to hear vocals, and lyrics, especially when these sound great. Here, you will be singing along the band as well as jumping around, (at least in your head) as it is indeed catchy like that.

For those listeners that like the softer side of classic rock and glam, their song “counting the nights,” has a more relaxed “poppy” sound, ala Blondie, which should satisfy such listening moods, while the other songs complement it through power packed electric riffery, for the rocker’s desires. “Twisted tales,” for example displays a really cool fuzz effect, solo, and vocal melody that never stops to lose it’s energy. Every element you missed from many classic bands is here and better yet, The Detox Darlings still has a sound of its own that I think everyone should take a listen to.

So there it is… The Detox Darlings. As they say, “Prescription Strength Glam Punk Rock’n Roll With Passion and Soul!.” I couldn’t agree more- just take a listen to “Get Tattoos”

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Guitar Living can now help promote your band

January 14th, 2009 by Andres Gallo

I have been lucky to meet many talented musicians, who I feel have all the talent that it takes to make sold out shows in stadiums and such. I feel the one thing that may be missing in many cases is exposure. The best products will never sell if not enough people know about them; with that analogy in mind I thought I would introduce “cool NEW band” articles as a feature in my blog.
I think a lot of people would enjoy listening to the music these artist have to show. There can never be too much music, and with every new talent out there we always get something new and fresh in the mix. I for one, really enjoy listening to what different musicians like to play, as it is usually a great listening experience, and something for other musicians like myself to learn and influence from.
With that said, I would like to help other musicians who would benefit from a little more web exposure. Send us your music or a link to your bands myspace, and some information about your band at I will try to listen to all the music I get. I will try to write an article about a new band every week. This could help promote your band, and I hope it does.

I welcome you readers to send in your reviews/tutorials

December 26th, 2008 by Andres Gallo

This site is brand new, and in its early state It still has lots to grow, with more article and resources. I made this website as a resource to help other fellow guitar players, as well as to learn from others. If you readers have written a review that I could post on the site, or if you have written a tutorial that you wish to show the world, so they can learn from it, I will be glad to post it here. You may send it through a comment, or an email.

Thanks for all the help. If you all have any suggestions on something you would like to see on this site, please let me know.

Welcome guitarist of today and the future

November 21st, 2008 by Andres Gallo

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My father is a musician, and a great teacher of the acoustic guitar and it’s common folkloric genres. My grandfather was a musician as well. With that said, music is most definitely in my blood; it is the quest which I give most of my time to. Time is valuable and to me all this time has been well spent.

I have made this site to share my experiences and to provide other fellow guitarist with lessons and ideas that helped me out throughout time. I am always learning something new, and with that said I would appreciate any teachings from you readers that will help out as a musician as well.

I have played in various bands throughout the years. Almost each and every one of these bands, has been completely different from the one before which has allowed me to learn many techniques that belong to different genres. I have noticed every genre seems to have some rules, and well, I like to break them. I encourage you all to learn from every genre possible, whether you like the genre or not, furthermore, I encourage you to break the rules, and to experiment with what others are so afraid to. Take this as the first lesson in this site.

It is very important to break the rules, yet still, spend some time on the proven ways of improving. If you think something is impossible, go ahead and try it. If you think you will never be as good as your idol, you should know that in history the better players, have become as good as they are cause they learnt from their idols, until one day they surpassed them. With this in mind always stay confident about your potential, and abilities. Without confidence your entire playing will sound sloppy, blurry, and downright bad. Lack of confidence will make you nervous, which leads to lack of control, which causes shaking, leading to sloppy playing. In other words lets call this lesson “believe in your musician self.”

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